A Free Rock ‘n Roll London Tour

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Parties at the labyrinth of tunnels underneath Waterloo

Dark tunnels, London, older eras.. this seems too good to be true. I will need to see it with my own eyes…

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A Year in the 80’s – One Hit Wonders

Ahhh.. the 80´s…..#

steadily skipping stones

Continuing the music theme for another week, I present you with some one hit wonders!

For the most part, these are all true one hit on the US Top 40 Pop Chart and that’s all this band ever did wonders, the bands you never of before and then never heard from again.

Here we go!

The Vapors – Turning Japanese
peaked at #36 on November 29th

When I saw this video, I realized I didn’t remember anything except the chorus. And listening to it I can see why: it’s pretty dumb and possibly a bit racist. But the chorus is catchy. I really think so.


Joey Scarbury – Believe It or Not (Greatest American Hero theme)
peaked at #2 on August 15th

I LOVED this song!! Loved it. And why not, it’s Solid Gold. (Get it? Solid Gold? I crack me up.) ANY-way, this video really is…

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