ALERT! UK band discovery: Four Dead in Ohio

Hello! Wanna meet a new rock band today? I want to recommend you this cool group, Four Dead in Ohio, which I met online by chance . Continue reading


500 Days with Summer: a love story?

I know it’s old but want to just say that this “indie” movie made me laugh, and cry. I’m not a spoiler but like the ad says: this is not the typical “boy meets girl” movie.

It’s good to remember that in love nothing is granted and everything is so butterflies in the stomach at the beggining… I’d love a second part somehow though 🙂


Highly recommended for the romantic ones and the not so!

Meet the Royalty of Britpop Songs

For those of you who, like me, love Britpop (though I’m 100% argentine, I love all things Brit, but that’s for another post) here is a  list which in my opinion represents the essentials of UK music from this musical movement era. There are pure Britpop bands here and somehow related groups too. Continue reading

Hot Chip, straight from UK

I first heard about this COOL band some years ago on my fav local radio but didn´t pay attention to them for a few years. Now, 2013, I can hardly wait to go see them live in Buenos Aires! What I like about this London band is their fun music and their fun videos in general, very well thougth and produced. Continue reading