My first performance art event: I just can’t get enough!

I don´t understand why, being an Art lover as I am, I still hadn´t attend a performance event before: freak art, interesting people, the type of atmosphere I love to be in.

My debut was around one month ago, in Hackney. I have been long waiting for real alternative art in London and I wasn´t disappointed at all. In fact, I want more.


From taxidermy


or weird (yet) lovely little monsters


to LIVE curious, (sometimes) unintelligible, fun performances: 5 mins each.


And some more work by talented young artists:


They even featured the mothership of genius H.R. Giger. Being a huge fan of the Alien saga, I could not be happier!! The extra joy came from the Prometheus movie mothership model: O-M-G


20141116_175544 20141116_175838 20141116_180240


But the very best I guess, the icing on the cake, was the last live performace. It was also the longest and the most hardcore act. They say always keep the best for the end, right?

The story goes about a girl reciting a twisted poem about how her evil girlfriend cheated on her. She performs an autopsy on the unfaithful lover and once she is done reciting, the cold corpse comes back to life: LIGHTS, SOUNDS, CANDLES, SCREAMING!

The deadly girl kills the poetess, not without having passionate wild sex for the very last time. It goes without saying all guys in the audience were more than happy about this privileged close up scene 😉

Oh what a night!




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