3 Fashion Designers that Will Not Leave you Indifferent (The Naughty Trio of Fashion)

Boldness! Avant-garde! Attitude! Scandalous! SHOWBIZZ. These are only a handful of adjectives to define them and their creations. How can any of these extreme creative artists could make you not to stare at their designs when these are superb pieces of (sometimes wearable) art even if you don’t fancy them? Take a look and be amazed…


Alexander McQueen

The King of fashion. Period.

Alexander McQueen

Crazy impossible designs, strange patterns, more impossible and stranger shoe forms. Generally speaking, there is something really dark in his designs, always playing to the limits. It only makes sense if we think that this man went through difficult times during his short life: drug and alcohol abuse, working in an hyper demanding job, friends betrayals. It all ended up the worse (inevitable?) way: with the tragic death of McQueen by commiting suicide. He was ONLY 41 years old, but left us quite a legacy for us to admire.





Gareth is simply as nuts as many Brits I know, and that is precisely why I like him.


Where does all that creativity come from? GOSH. I would say he is inspired at least from the medieval times, Nature, and… creative freedom! Gothic style and Black are definitely among my favourite styles and colours so maybe (only maybe) I am not being very objective on this one to be honest,  but even still you cannot deny this British got talent…

I can only imagine these spectacular designs in movies like Alien, The Matrix or why not,  The Cell.




Oh JEAN PAUL! I love his sense of humour and cheeky style. Some dresses made by him… OMG..  I could wear them everyday just to play cheeky too!


Pop culture, freedom, rebellious attitude. That versatility and irreverence are what I admire most about the wicked kid of France. Like Groucho Marx once said: “Humor is reason gone mad”.

And with JP, I couldn’t agree more.


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