Meet the Royalty of Britpop Songs

For those of you who, like me, love Britpop (though I’m 100% argentine, I love all things Brit, but that’s for another post) here is a  list which in my opinion represents the essentials of UK music from this musical movement era. There are pure Britpop bands here and somehow related groups too.

I want to make clear that I only included what to me Britpop is, POP music, and this is why Oasis is not part since I consider them as part of the Brit Rock history. I know Blur made rock songs too and they will also be on that upcoming list.

These are tracks which can be found on my mobile playlist and in my PC. Whenever I listen to them certain memories come back, nice ones but also nostalgic memories about love, friends, trips, and such.

While curating the following list, it gave me happy chills and learned a lot more of what I already knew about Britpop. For instance, “Parklife” by Blur. I never paid close attention to the actual meaning! And now I clearly know what it talks about. How many of these people do we know? I’m sure quite a few (ufff) but the song is so good and the video is SO British.



Britpop Essentials List

“I don’t wanna know your secrets, they lie heavy on my head. Time for me to break my cover, time for me to move ahead. (you think of giving it up, here we go again)…”


“Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls, who do boys like they´re girls , who do girls like they´re boys, always should be someone you really love!”


“Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as Parklife. And morning soup can be avoided if you take a route straight through what is known as Parklife”


“I’m a professional cynic but my heart’s not in it, I’m paying the price of living life at the limit (to the limit). Caught in the century’s anxiety . Yes it preys on him (preys on him)”


“I said let’s all meet up in the year 2000, won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown? Be there at 2 o’clock by the fountain down the road. I never knew that you’d get married, I would be living down here on my own on that damp and lonely Thursday years ago”


“Another heart has made the grade. Forget it, forget it, forget it. I don’t understand how the last card is played, but somehow the vital connection is made”


“Flowers growing on a hill, dragonflies and daffodils. Learn from us very much, look at us but do not touch. Phaedra is my name”


“Ain’t no use in prayin’, that’s the way it’s stayin’ baby, Johnny ain’t so crazy, He’s always got a line for the ladies”


“Son, I’m 30. I only went with your mother ’cause she’s dirty “


“We wake up, we go out, smoke a fag. Put it out, see our friends. See the sights, feel alright”


“When ya’ take a holiday, is this what you want? Swim in the ocean, that be my dish. I drive around all day, and kill processed fish. It’s all money gum. No artists anymore. You’re only in it now, to make more, more, more”


“The only one I know, has come to take me away, the only one I know is mine when she stitches me”


“Oh, here they come, the beautiful ones, the beautiful ones”



Did you enjoy this list? Please comment below.

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