Hot Chip, straight from UK

I first heard about this COOL band some years ago on my fav local radio but didn´t pay attention to them for a few years. Now, 2013, I can hardly wait to go see them live in Buenos Aires! What I like about this London band is their fun music and their fun videos in general, very well thougth and produced.

My fav song & video by them is the first one, it is so funny cause they dance thinking they are so cool. (they don’t think they are really… or do they?)

WARNING: the 5th video is so dizzy! But the song is awesome.

WARNING 2: the last video, special for football fans + unexpected things  + why does the song remind me of  Thriller somehow? 😀



MY TOP 6, Highly Recommended

“The smell of repetition really is on you”


I’m hoping with chance, you might take this dance, You’re my number one guy. Instead of carving up the wall, why don’t you open up? We’ll talk.”


“I only wanna be your one LIFE stand “


“The walls that fall around ourselves, would celebrate our night. If I could be inside you darling, at the center of your life”


“All this talk is getting me down, nothing’s making sense in my brain. I’m moving words in coarse of today”


“All I wanted was you, it’s our last time to choose. How are we gonna lie or second guess, when we cover our eyes and we open our scars, are we ready to lay this all to rest?”


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